actujeu main logoPublish a weekly enigmatic drawing and ask your readers to find the news article it illustrates.

Presentation of Actujeu

You want to build up a database of quality leads, increase traffic to your site, provide an entertaining distraction for your readers? Subscribe now and receive our weekly Actujeux module!

The Actujeux module contains:

  • The weekly enigmatic drawing
  • The question (what is the news event behind the picture?)
  • A clue
  • A link to the Actujeu website to record answers

The Actujeux, an operation that works with or without prizes

You want to promote the game and attract new readers to your pages? Offer regular, attractive prizes to players. The experienced Actujeux team will advise you in your choices and actions (such as types of prizes to offer, exchange partners, ...).

You do not want to offer prizes? Actujeux boosts your news pages by motivating the reader; the most diligent players are lauded at the end of the operation. And you can offer them an honorary award (lunch with the editorial team, space on your site, ...).