The World Heritage Game

logo whgBecome a partner of the 2012 World Heritage Game, Special 40 years, 40 cities.

For 6 months, 40 cities inscribed on the World Heritage List will become the playground of Internet users worldwide.


The six letters UNESCO will be photographed in different cities inscribed on the World Heritage List; players choose a city and then go in search of the six letters, either by actually going onsite, or by consulting the clues available on the game's website and through media partners. For players who are not onsite, they can look at the picture of each letter, examine visual and textual clues, and solve the puzzle which accompanies each letter.

When players find a letter's location they they simply need to point it out on the map of the city available on the game's website (or on the smartphone app) and validate their response.

A random drawing will determine the prizewinners amongst players who have found the six correct answers in a particular city. A special prize will be awarded by random drawing to a player who has found all the right answers for all forty cities.

Register your city in the 2012 edition and offer it six months of worldwide exposure.

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